Toxic Personal Care Products

Our daily use personal care products are laden with all sorts of chemicals. We might think that use of these chemicals is well regulated by the authorities and therefore are safe to use. In reality, many of these chemicals have not been assesses for long term use and safety.


Current Scenario

Chemicals used as preservatives, synthetic fragrance, chemical solvents, petrolatum, mineral oil, nano materials are of most concern. Increasing consumer awareness about the harmful effects of these chemicals has forced leading manufacturers to discontinue the use many chemicals like parabens, formaldehyde releasing preservatives, talc, etc. in the recent years.

We can now see more and more companies using terms like ‘organic’, ‘natural’, ‘no synthetic fragrance’ on their products. However, besides lacking the right amount of organic ingredients, sometimes they have also been found to contain potentially harmful chemicals, often mentioned as ‘base material’ on the label. Without full ingredient disclosure on the label it is hard to really know the truth behind these terms.



Consumer awareness about the safety of the personal care products is the need of the hour. General guidelines for parents:

  • As a thumb rule, do not buy any product that do not have complete disclosure of all ingredients and have base material, permitted artificial fragrances or QS written in their ingredient list. These are those words that they use to encapsulate their list of chemicals that can even be dangerous of health of one.
  • Check for authenticity of the word Organic or Natural ingredients. Do not buy products that do not have proper certification. Certain companies use only one or two organic ingredients and claim their product to be natural or organic. Certification is only given to those products that have more than 95% of their ingredients organic.
  • There is a saying in health industry that do not buy a product if you cannot pronounce the ingredients.

The government of our country should design firmer laws that take care of all the loopholes through which manufacturers escape. In case of presence of any toxic substance, the company should supply a comprehensive literature regarding it. There should be strict policies regarding declaration of complete ingredients that go into the making of a product onto the label.