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Parabens are synthetic chemicals, most widely used as preservatives in personal care products, medicines and foods to prevent growth of microbes and extend the shelf lives of products.

Used In


How to Identify?

  1. Read ingredients list on the product label and look for Ingredients ending in –paraben
  2. Many companies don’t show complete ingredients list on their product labels; you should try checking with their Customer Care

Safety Concerns

Breast Cancer

A 2004 study found parabens in samples of breast tumour tissues that led to discussions oven potential role of parabens in causing breast cancer.1

Hormone Disruptors

Parabens penetrate human skin and remain intact without breakdown. These are found to be potential endocrine disruptors i.e. they disturb our normal hormone system functions.2

Skin Aging & DNA Damage

Methylparaben - a type of paraben, applied on the skin when exposed to UV radiation, can cause skin aging and DNA damage.3


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May 18, 2017

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