An Introduction

CAMPAIGN SAFE CHILDHOOD is the flagship campaign of LIFE & PURSUITS FOUNDATION, a not-for-profit organization devoted to enhancing health, happiness & harmony in the world. CAMPAIGN SAFE CHILDHOOD is committed to work towards providing a safer and toxin-free world to children.

Why this Campaign?

Children today are exposed to a large number of highly toxic chemicals in their food, air, water, toys, and everyday products. The result is an explosive growth in the cases of cancer, asthma, hormonal disorders, allergies etc. even for babies and young children over the past decades. Unfortunately, we’re sitting on a time-bomb of deteriorating environment and the time to act is now!

Life & Pursuits Foundation

‘Life & Pursuits Foundation’ organizes and supports initiatives focusing on true and holistic wellness of an individual, family and society. ‘Life & Pursuits’ mission has identified promoting health and safety of children as its primary purpose. Keeping children at the centre of our actions and initiatives allows us to maximize our social impact in the long run.

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