Campaign Safe Childhood is an initiative by Life & Pursuits Foundation, a not-for-profit organization devoted to enhancing health, happiness & harmony in the world. Campaign Safe Childhood is committed to work towards providing a safer and toxin-free world to children.

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Key Initiatives

The Campaign Safe Childhood (CSC) believes in working along with all stakeholders (parents, consumers, researchers, government, regulatory authorities, farmers and manufacturers) to achieve a common goal of ensuring better world for our children. CSC is actively involved in the following initiatives:
  • Educating Parents

    Educating parents to make well informed and healthy choices when buying personal care products, food products, toys for their children.

  • Petitioning Governments

    Petitioning Governments so that ineffective and archaic laws can be modified and a stricter regulatory regime is established to ensure the highest standards of product safety.

  • Consumer Awareness

    Ensuring that consumers are made aware of false / misleading claims made by product companies for their ulterior motives. This problem is all the more rampant in developing countries in Asia. We plan to undertake massive customer awareness program to change this.

  • Promoting organic lifestyle

    Promoting organic lifestyle. This means healthier lives and a better environment for all of us. We strongly believe that the closer we stay to the nature, the more fulfilling & happy lives we’ll lead.


Our Research team, consisting of Subject-Matter experts in the field of Cosmetics, Ayurveda, Microbiology, keeps itself apprised of the latest happenings related to safety concerns of existing and new ingredients in the industry. Browse through some of our recent findings:

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